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1. PRO SERIES Registration: $4000 (Pro Series registration opens November 1, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. and will be capped at the first 40 boats registered) – Teams may register for the PRO SERIES online. Payment may be made by credit card (MasterCard, Visa & American Express accepted.) Credit card payments are subject to a 6% sales tax. Also a 3% service charge will be added to ALL credit card transactions. $2,500 registration deposit is due at time of initial registration. This will hold your teams’ spot in the Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series. Teams must pay the remaining balance of ($1,500) by 1/10/19 to finalize your teams’ registration and enter you into the 4 Pro series events. NO REFUNDS ON PAYMENTS-NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams will be competing for each individual Pro Series prize purse as well as cumulative 3 fish aggregate weight in hopes to win the Series championship Prize Payouts.

2. Entry Forms: Entry Forms: All entry forms must be completely filled out by all participants in the Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series. Tournament officials reserve the right to refuse application or entry into the tournament at their discretion with or without cause. The boat that your team registers in Key West is your teams’ primary boat. If a team has an issue with their boat leading up to an event, a substitute vessel can be approved by tournament director. These instances must have supporting documents and submitted 3 day prior to the event. (Engine failure, boat failure, sold boat, etc.) All must be approved by director.

3. Teams: Each boat may register up to 1 captain 1 co-captain and 5 anglers. (7 total team members). All team members must be listed on registration form. Changes can be made up until the Key West Kingfish Mayhem captains meeting! The Captain listed on application is responsible for the safety and conduct of his/her anglers on tournament days. In the event that the Captain is unable to fish a tournament/s, the Co-Captain is then responsible for the safety and conduct of his/her anglers on tournament days. Either the Captain or the Co-Captain must fish every leg of the 2019 Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series. If both the Captain and Co-Captain are unable to fish an event, the team will not be allowed to fish & forfeits that specific leg of the series. If there is a change to the original application regarding team members, captain or boat, the tournament must be notified in writing no later than 5 days prior to the effected event. The change/s must be approved by Tournament Committee. All four (4) Captain’s Meetings are mandatory for competing teams. One person from each team must be present and attend the captain’s meeting at each event. ALL ANGLERS MUST HAVE A VALID FLORIDA FISHING LICENSE!

4. Eligible Species: Kingfish.

5. Fish Limit: Each boat may weigh 1 Kingfish. PRO SERIES EVENTS ARE ONE DAY TOURNAMENTS. The one (1) largest fish from each event counts towards your teams’ Pro Series Points. Kingfish must be a minimum of 10 lbs. to weigh in.

6. Series Points System: The Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series is a 4 tournament event with an aggregate competition. Teams will carry their (1) largest fish from each event to their total series aggregate weight. (4 fish total). At the end of the fourth event teams will be allowed to drop their lowest weight. The team with the 3 largest fish combined weight will be crowned the Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series Champion.

7. Tackle: All fish must be caught on rod and reel. Wire lines are permitted. No electric reels (except kite rods & downriggers.) Treble hooks are permitted.

8. Hook & Catch: Fishing with live bait is permitted in the tournament; however, live chumming is not permitted. Live bait teasers are not allowed. All teams in the tournament are prohibited from having any boats outside the tournament to live chum on their behalf. Frozen chum and cut bait are permitted.

10. There are no boundaries in the Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series.

11. Check-Out: Shotgun Start at safe light (approx. 7:00 a.m.) Will be announced at each captains meeting. *Boats will have to pass by Committee boat and show boat # to be officially checked out. Check out starts at 5:30 AM and will close at 6:45 AM. Boats must stage until the 7:00 a.m. Shotgun start has been announced. Teams needing a late checkout must contact the committee boat before 6:45 a.m.

12. Landfall: Following check-out, or once fishing hours have begun, no boats will be permitted to touch land until reaching the dock for weigh-in. Special consideration will be given for medical conditions and special circumstances that may arise during the day of fishing. The committee must be notified in advance of any situation that may warrant exception to this rule.

13. Boat Check: Tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any boat participating in the tournament prior to the start of fishing on each morning. Any boat that refuses inspection will be automatically disqualified from the tournament. *Random boat #’s will be drawn each day for random inspection. No fish are allowed to be on-board caught from previous days. Either donate your fish or keep them in a cooler off your boat or you will be disqualified*

14. Video: Teams will be required to provide a 10 second video of the fish that they are weighing in. This can be while the fish is being gaffed or shortly after when the fish is on the deck or going into fish bag. A team member must show the boat number in the video. This can be filmed on cell phone, video camera etc. No Exceptions!

15. Weigh-In: All boats with fish to weigh-in must be visually checked in by displaying their boat # to the tournament committee boat. Boats that do not check in by 5:00 p.m. each day will not be eligible to weigh their fish. After your fish is weighed, it becomes property of Meat Mayhem Inc., and will be donated. *Scales will open each day at 4:00 PM* Teams MUST check in with tournament official (Channel 80) prior to coming into the weigh in dock. Teams that decide not to participate in weigh in must still check in with the tournament committee boat to announce they have made it back in safely. Fish may only be brought to the scales by boat. Boat must be the vessel listed on tournament documents for that specific tournament day. Tournament officials have the right to inspect any or all boats entered after check in. Fish being weighed in the tournament will be inspected for all manners of cheating by a tournament official. Fish must be weighed in by a registered team member that fished on the team that day. No rotten or mutilated fish will be allowed to be weighed in. In the event of a tie, the team that checked in first with the Tournament Committee boat wins.

16. Weather: Weather cancellations are made by tournament director. In the event of a tournament being cancelled due to weather, the event will be rescheduled for the following day! Any notice of cancellation will be broadcast on channel 80. Announcements regarding weather & other important tournament information will be communicated to team captains & co-captains via text messages, phone calls. It is expressly understood that the permitting of fishing by tournament officials does not ensure the safety of registered anglers or any other occupants of their vessels. Captains, anglers and all other members of registered boats must determine in their own judgment whether to fish under the given conditions based on factors including but not limited to the seaworthiness of their boat and their own seamanship.

17. Protests: All protests must be made within 1 hour of the conclusion of weigh-in along with $500 cash or check to the tournament officials. Protests should be made based on first hand eyewitness information. All decisions of the tournament officials regarding protests are final.

18. Polygraph: By entering the tournament all captains, anglers and occupants of their boats voluntarily consent to submit to a polygraph examination as deemed necessary by tournament officials. All decisions of the polygraph examiner will be final. Any captain, angler or occupant of a registered boat who refuses to take a polygraph or provides untruthful answers as determined by the examiner will be disqualified from the tournament without further notice. Such a disqualification will eliminate payment or provision of any prize money, awards and/or refund of entrance fees.

19. Release: By signing the entry form, all captains, anglers and occupants of their boat hereby consent that tournament officials may use without payment or restriction, any photographs, video or interviews in which he or she may appear for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising and promotional material.

20. Tournament Discretion: The tournament director reserves the right to implement his discretion at any time during the tournament as it may apply to the rules or any other circumstance that should arise during the course of the event.

21. Winnings: Checks for the winning teams will be made out to the person on team that filled out the W9 Form. 1099’s for all winnings over $599 will also be made out to the person listed on the check that was written for the team’s winnings. At least one person from each winning team must be present to receive check. If no one from team is at event for Awards Ceremony, they forfeit their winnings. 10% of all Calcuttas will be retained by Meat Mayhem Inc.

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